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New products MCF cell

New products

MCF cell

Ivium Technologies has developed the MCF cell: a magnetic cell that can be clamped to any (steel) surface. A soft silicon seal prevents leakage, so that the cell can be used in any position, horizontal, vertical or up-side-down.
The MCF cell is constructed from durable materials and can also be used in the field. Among its applications are corrosion studies and EIS-measurements on coatings.

The MCF cell contains a stainless steel electrode, the surface the cell is clamped to can be used as working electrode. If the surface is not electrically accessible, for example in case of coating measurements, a second MCF cell is included to create a full electrochemical cell.

The MCF cell can be filled using a syringe and tube (included) and additional portals are available for the use of reference electrodes.

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